isatech's Apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get the best of Dynamics 365 Business Central Experience with isatech.

Advanced Dimension Management

Speed up dimension setup for new entities and autopopulate dimension values.

Data Exchange Hub

Easily synchronise master data's between companies/tenants.

Finance by isatech Essentials

Finance by isatech Essentials brings flexibility when using posting descriptions, ledger entry comments and updating dimension values.

Item Transaction Check (Coming Soon)

Set your own rules to prevent/allow item transactions per document type.

Multicompany Inventory

Check your item's inventory/availabilty through multiple companies.

Non Conformance Management

Register and follow-up non-conformance treatment with link to the source document.

Rebates & Commissions (Coming Soon)

Register and follow-up Rebates and Commissions with link to the source document.

Entity Treeviews (Coming Soon)

Organize your customer portfolio, vendor or item file using hierarchical treeviews.

Extension Installation Procedure

Extension Installation Procedure.