Working with Free Products

Free Products

A Free Product is basically made to manage a “buy 2 get 1 for free” principle. This would result in two sales lines. The original sales line containing the requested item and quantity. Then an additional sales line containing the free item and quantity.

Create a “buy 2 get 1 for free” offer

In the following example will setup a tarif in order that when purchasing 2 items 1906-S then an additional item 1896-S is offered.

  1. Create a an advances sales template containing a Free Item line type
  1. Create a price an Advanced Price list applicable for all customers, select a specific item (1906-S) and unit of measure
  1. Click on Create/View Free Item Conditions

Fill in the Quantity with 2. This means that for each multiple of 2 one free item will be offered.

In the Free Item Details, create a line with Item 1896-S for unit of measure PCS and quanity 1 and line discount is 100%.:

  1. Set Advanced Price List Status as Active.

Then create a sales order with a sales line of 4 items 1906-S. When validating line, an additional line should appear as follows.

If you look into the Sales Line Details, you’ll see that the specific Line Type with detail is created.

Key Features

  • The free item is triggered per multiple of the defined Triggering Quantity
  • You can create several Free Item Details lines offering you the option to offer more than one item.
  • The Total Line Discount offers you the option to decide if the Free Item is totally free (100% discount) or partially free (50% for example). Note that this discount will superseed any specific item discount for the extra sales line with free items.