Advanced Price Management Promotions


Promotion from a business perspective is a marketing action to promote sales. This marketing action results in some periodically specific Advanced Price List. Using a Promotion code that will be be saved on the price calculation detail entries will help you to identify sales that are related to a specific Promotion.

To help you identifying them there is a field Promotion code on the Advance price list header. This field is populated with Promotion codes created from the Promotion list.

Setting up promotion codes

Search for the Promotions list.

On the Promotions list, create your promotion codes.

  • Code: Free text code for your promotion
  • Description: Free to define text to describe the content for your promotion

Using promotion codes

Once a promotion code is created, it can be used on the Advanced price list header,

A promotion code can be assigned to several Advanced price list.
Assigning a Promotion code to an Advanced Price List will give the highest priority to this one when using Price Calculation Method “Closest Price”.