Advanced Price Management Sales Line Details

Sales Line detail

As multiple discount levels can be created for each sales line, this calculation is stored in a dedicated table called Sales Line Detail.

For each discount level that will be applied to the sales line, you’ll find a line in the Sales Line Detail table. The first line is always of line type Price.

Field Description
Price Header Code Code of the reference Advanced Price List for the Sales Line Detail.
Price Template Code Code of the originating Advanced Price Template for the Sales Line Detail.
Price Type Code This is the discount type code for the Sales Line Detail.
Line Type Can be of type Price or Discount. There can only be one line of type Price which is positionned as the first one.
Discount Caculation Method Can be Base Value, Net Value or Cumulated Net Value (see Understanding Discount Calculation)
Calculation apply code This would identify the originating Sales Line Detail that would be used as basis for the underlying discount. If empty, then the reference Sales Line Detail would be the first one typed as Price line.
Base Value This is the base amount for the sales line detail. If the sales line detail is of Line Type “Price”, this would be the applicable item tariff. If the sales line detail is of Line Type “Discount”, this amount will be used as basis for the discount calculation.
Application Value This is the applicable discount percentage or value for the discount line. This is retrieved from the applicable Advanced price list.
Result Value This is the discount calculation result in amount.
Net Value This is the Base value of the Sales Line detail less the Result Value.
Cumulated Net Value This is Base Value of the first line (Line of type Price) less the sum of the Result Value of all the Sales Line Details up to the current one.
Using the Personnalize mode you can display additionnal fields such as Promotion Code, Priority (This field is used to sort and prioritize discount levels.) and Print Level.