Working with substitutions


A Substitution is basically used when you want to offer a product that would replace another one for the same pricing conditions as the substituted item. This is a common scenario when selling consumer packaged goods to have for a promotional/season period to offer a more valueable item for the same condition as the standard one (example: a +50% volume conditioner at the price of the standard one).

With Substitution feature you don’t have to remember the reference of the promotional item. Customer just have to place its order as usual, then the Substitution feature will automatically replace with the promotional item an apply the price calculation defines for the standard item.

Unlike Discount or Free Item, Substitution will therefore modify the input sales line with changing the item No.

Create a get a +25% volume conditioner with price and discount of standard conditioner

  1. Create two items item 1000: is standard conditionner with unit price = 10 item 1001: is promotional conditionner with unit price = 12
  1. Create an Advanced Price List and define following pricing structure for item 1000

Price Line will just contain a basic price of 9 euros

Discount line will contain two discount based on quantity

Set the price list status as Active.

  1. Create a second Advanced Price List for the promotional period and define following pricing structure for item 1000

Create a substitution detail as follows.

Set the price list status as Active.

  1. Create a sales order with sales order line of 10 item 1000,

You’ll see automatically the item No. being converted as 1001,

When you look at the Sales line details, you’ll see all the information related to the conversion,