Advanced Price Templates


An Advanced Price Template defines a pricing/discount structure to be used in Advanced Price Lists. Template is a usefull tool to make sure you’re using the same pricing/discount structure for your different Advanced Price List. However, you can define multiple Advanced Price Templates. Several scenario’s could be considered here:

  • Using different Templates to manage transition from a pricing/discount structure to a new one. You can then still use a template for the current activity and prepare your future tariffs stucture.
  • Using different Templates to address different market. For example: having one template to address the retail customers, one for other B2B customers then another one for B2C customers. Then based on these templates you can create Advanced Price Lists per market and per country/region if needed having the same structure.

Setting up a template

Search for the Advanced Price Template list. Then click on New action.

A Template consists of a header and one or more lines. In the header you have to define:

  • Code: Free text code for your template
  • Description: Free to define text to describe the content for your template

The Number of Lines field is a counter of the number of lines in your template.

You can define as many lines as required, however you can’t have:

  • Two lines with price line type in a template.
  • Twice the same discount code/line code in the same template. This implies that you should have created your Discount type codes on forehand.

For a line you have to fill in:

  • Code: Select a Discount Type code in the list.
  • Description: You can update the default description provided for the Discount Type
  • Line Type: Can be Price, Discount, Substitution or Free Product.
  • Calculation Mode: If Line Type is of type Discount, you can define a Calculation Mode. Calculation mode could be Base Value, Net Value or Cumulated Net Value. Calculation mode identifies the value that will be picked up from the reference discount line as Base value for this discount line. Base Value mode means that discount will be calculated on the Base of the previous discount line. Cumulated mode means that discount will be calculated on the base price of the previous discount line.
  • Calculation Apply Mode: If Line Type is of type Discount, you can define a Calculation Apply Mode. Leave this field empty if you need this discount to be calculated on the sales line on the sales price(Net Value actually of the Price line type). If you have several Template lines of type Discount then you’ll be able to select from which previous Discount line this Discount will be applied according to defined Calculation Mode.
  • Application base: Defines the base quantity type that will be used to later trigger the discount or price calculation. Can be Quantity (Sales line unit), Base Quantity (Sales line unit converted in item base quantity), Net Weight, Gross Weight (these ones need to set the Net weight/Gross weight fields on the item card) and Parcel Quantity (to use this application base you should make sure the Units per parcel field is filled in the item card. This fied might be hidden by default and needs to be added to the item card using customization).
  • Allow Line Discount: Only for line of type Price.When disabled, no discount line can be applied on this Price line.
  • Allow Invoice Discount: Currently not used. Reserved for later implementation.
  • Stat Level: Informational field only. Stat level will be copied on Sales Line Details and can be used for discount analysis in BI Tool.
  • Print Level: If Line Type is of type Discount, you can define a Print level.To be used when using Advanced Price Management layouts for Sales Documents (Report 8120263 to 8120268). There are five columns available on each invoice line to print discounts. Each of these columns is linked to a Print level. All lines with same Print Level will be consolidated in one Discount Value and one Discount Percentage on the document layout.
Once a template is used in an Advanced Price List it can’t be updated anymore.