Business Essentials

Business Essentials Apps by Bricklead brings additional features and agility on your sales & purchase processes.

  1. Advanced Comments: Create default comments for your sales and purchase documents. These could be defined per customer, vendor or even customer/item, vendor/item relation. Those advanced comments are aimed to be reported on external printed layouts.

  2. Work Instructions: Work instructions are used to provide default instructions for internal workers.*

  3. Customer / Vendor Listing Management: Automate your order input and check that the items ordered are matching customer/vendor agreement.

  4. Over Shipments/Over Receipts: Manage specific Sales Business cases where the actual quantity shipped of materials can be over the ordered quantity. This function is a mirroring functionality of the Over-Receipt standard function.

This can happen for specific business cases, especially when the item is:
Managed in bulk: Because items might be stacked in bulk in silos, the actual quantity that is transported could differ. It happens frequently that a customer purchases a full truck load (40 tons), but the billed weight turns out to be 40,100 tons.
Example: Grains, Flours, Sugar, etc.
A catchweight item: The item is ordered for an approximate weight. Following that, the quantity of goods requested is transported, and the exact weight is billed.
Example: Poultry, Fish, Meat, etc.