Data Exchange Hub Setup


The application “Data Exchange Hub” is available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource.

Please review the Extension Installation Procedure for further information.


To use this extension, all users need some extra permissions:

  • (ISATECH-LCM) “License Control Management”, for all users.

For the user of the extension (setup or read) there are some extra permissions:

  • (DEH-READ) “Data Exchange Hub – Read” for the user that just need to visualize the Data Exchange Configuration.
  • (DEH-WRITE) “Data Exchange Hub – Read” for the user that need to setup the Data Exchange Hub.

Activating Data Exchange Hub

To enable the extension you have to open the the Data Exchange Hub Setup page and set the active field to true:

Auto-Installation Process

There is an Auto-Installation process that will create the basic synchronisation agreements.

Open the the Data Exchange Hub Setup page and invoke the Auto-Install action:

Data Exchange Hub Processes

A automatic task to discover Data Exchange Hub process is existing.

You can see all Processes by opening the Data Exchange Hub Processes page.

Major Components Access

In the Data Exchange Process Setup page you have acces to the major components of the extension.

In General action you have direct access to various components list.