How to create a treeview

Example with customer treeview

From Customers List, open treview page

A treeview is built on top of a “ROOT” base node which cannot be modified. To build a treeview, add a new virtual node or use a real node (selected from the customers list). Each node can be considered as a new “branch” of the tree. By positioning yourself on this, it is possible to extend the tree structure by adding a new node.

When creating a virtual node, it is coded by default with the value “VIRTUAL”. You must rename it.

It is not possible to create a new virtual node, until the previous one has been renamed.

A virtual node appears in bold. It can be attached to another virtual node or to a real node. The items that are part of the same node level are sorted in alphanumeric order. It is therefore important to take this information into account to organize your treebiew structure.

Example :

For this example, the virtual node code length corresponds to the maximum number of levels of branches in the tree structure. This simplifies the management of sorting for display.