Treeview: Customers, vendors, items or sales/purchasepeople hierarchical structure.

Node: A node is a group element in the hierachical structure. There are two kinds of nodes:

  • Real node: Node based on existing entity. A real node is coupled with the linked entity and use entity’s code as node’s code.
Example: a customer A which is the parent company of one or more customers (B and C). Customers A, B, and C exist as customers in the customer file.
  • Virtual node: This node does not exist as an entity itself but allows the grouping of several existing entities. User defines node’s code when creating the node.
Example: You can decide to structure your customer file by market and sub-market. In this case the markets and submarkets are not existing customers but just levels of grouping.

Root: This is default Root Node for any Treeview. Code can’t be changed. Root is a mandatory node.It is the first and lowest level in a treview.