Extended Reports

Customer receivables – payables

This report shows the remaining amounts per due date.


Vendor receivables – payables


G/L Detail trial balance

Additional filters have been added to the G/L Detail Trial Balance

Centralised by : You can group G/L entries and get subtotals per period (week, month, quarter, year) or document No.

Use account centralization : When enabled you get the detailled entries per centralisation group.

Source code filter : You can filter G/L Entries depending on source code. This allows to print a G/L trial balance excluding a specific source that would be used for cut-off entries.

Sorted by : You can sort on document date or document number

Print G/L Acc. without balance : When enabled you’ll get all accounts of chart of accounts being printed on document including those that haven’t been used in the given period.


G/L account statement