Non Conformance Management Setup


The application “Non-Conformance Management” is available on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central AppSource.

Please review the Extension Installation Procedure for further information.


To use this extension, all users need some extra permissions:

  • (ISATECH-LCM) “License Control Management”, for all users.

For the user of the extension (setup or read) there are some extra permissions:

  • (NC-READ) “Non-Conformance Read” for the user that just need to visualize the Non Conformances.
  • (NC-EDIT) “Non-Conformance Edit” for the user that need to setup and manage Non Conformances.

General set up

Assisted set up

This feature allows this extension to be set up with the minimum data to make it work. It is possible at any time to come and change these parameters. The next chapter will detail how.

Manual set up

Basic set up

Field Description
Display on Customer/Vendor Card When enabled a new menu option “Non-Conformances” is available on the customer/vendor card under Naviguate menu.
Default processing time A formula for defining the nC’s processing time. This formula will calculate the “estimated closing date.“
Estimated Closing Date - Work Date - Default Processing Time
Non-conformance Non-conformance numbers
Non-conformance enreg. Strain of recorded non-conformance numbers


NC categories allow groups of NC to be defined. The category is to be selected in the NC header. These codes make it possible to make a first diagnosis when the NC is created. Available via the search menu option or “Non-conformance settings” page:

A category is set with a code and a designation. For each category, it is possible to define subcategories and attach an ancillary fee code (The ancillary fee code will later go down on purchase/sell assets):


Reasons for non-conformance help to define the origin or cause of non-conformance. The reasons establish a more in-depth diagnosis. Available via the search menu option or “Non-conformance settings” page:

Creating a pattern requires a code and designation:


The Severity code is indicates the level of crititicity of an NC. The severity of non-conformances is usually critical, major or minor. Available via the search menu option or “Non-conformance settings” page: