Using Multi Company Agreements


A multicompany agreement will populate sales or purchase entries (depending on agreement type) for all the companies included in the agreement scope.

This provides a powerfull tool to create groupwide incentives.

Creating a multi company agreement

When creating a new agreement, the Companies included highlights the number of the companies that are part of the agreement.

  1. To extend the agreement scope to multiple companies, go to Navigate menu, then select Domain, then Companies.
  1. Once the Companies window opens, you can select additional companies to include in agreement scope.
  1. Going back to the Agreement Card you’ll see the number of companies being updated.


All companies must be in the same database.

It is common sense that filters will be common for all companies within an agreement. Filters are defined with the code and references of the company the user used to create the agreement. This means that a minimum master data alignment is required (same product or customer groups for example).

Even if agreement is populating records from different companies, it is only visible/editable from within the company it was created.