Managing Statuses

Each agreement has a status.

Status Matrix

The following matrix highlights allowed status changes and actions.

From\To Open Released Cancelled Closed Evaluation Deletion Remark
Open - Agreement is being setup. Not operational yet.
Released - On-going agreement
Cancelled - Cancelled Agreement. No evaluation can be done.
Closed - Agreement is closed. No evaluation can be done.

Releasing/Reopening an agreement

As long as all the mandatory fields have been fille in, nothing prevents from releasing an agreement. This can be done on the Agreement Card by selecting the Release menu, then Release action.

As a Released contract can be reopened. Use the same menu but action Reopen to reverse to the original status.

Cancelling/Closing an agreement

Cancelling/Closing an agreement is a one way ticket and cannot be reopened. However you can update a cancelled agreement to closed and the way back. Cancel or Closed agreements cannot be deleted.

As Cancel status will be more used for reporting matters and activity checks, Closed will be more used to archive agreement and stop evaluation.

Updating agreement status to Cancel or Closed can be done using Actions menu, then Cancel or Close action.